Have An Idea?

Do you think you could do our jobs better? Go on then – try.

We absolutely mean it. Science is a cut-throat business, where only the most self-interested individuals will succeed. If you have an interesting or unique idea then tell us about it, just don’t expect to get any credit for it.

einsteinYou have to pay your dues in the world of Science, don’t think you can simply waltz into the AVD offices and get yourself an office like that.

Keeping a job in our line of work is a tough, brutal experience that will chew you up and spit you out.

What remains, once the Biology industry is done with you, will not be anything you once recognised. You’ll be a stranger to your parents and estranged to all your friends.

The only people you will be able to converse with is other scientists – anyone with less than a Masters degree in  a Science will not only appear to be laughably under-educated, they’ll almost be invisible to your warped perception.

If you feel like you could hack working for AVD or perhaps have an idea that you would be better in our hands, then send us a message in the box below; just don’t expect a reply any time soon.