Our Purpose

Applied Vegetation Dynamics aims to challenge preconceptions of how we use Vegetation.

With a varied and talented team, based around the world, AVD hopes to innovate and explore new avenues of Dynamic adaptation of Vegetation. 

Using Knowledge


We’ll uncover the secrets of Vegetation that have yet to be fully explored. Searching for new meaning between the lines of ancient texts and gaining a fresh understanding of what it means to be Scientists.

With Perseverance


We will aim to overcome each challenge that is set before us, regardless of the myriad problems that might face us. The road to success is one often fraught with issues, but we shall overcome each one as they appear.

Finding Courage


We will face each day with the reckless abandon of our youths, striving to achieve more and make every hour count. We will be unflapping in our determination to succeed – the world will be forever changed from the discoveries that we are working on.

Mercilessly Sacrificing Personal Time


We promise to put our work before anything and everything else. Our work here will improve the lives of billions, we can’t allow our personal issues to get in the way of that. Under no circumstance can we falter – the future is just another working weekend away and we will be it’s leaders.

Crushing Our Opponents


We must let no one get in our way, victory is ours for the taking. Obliterating those who stand before us is the only hope that we can have to save the world for the greater good. We must be unflinching in the destruction of our enemies.