The Team

A Crack Team of International Scientists Assembled For The Greater Good

With experience ranging from the high-spec laboratories of Silicon Valley to the deepest Jungles of Bolivia, AVD’s team has been assembled to unlock the secrets of Vegetation and discover new ways of Applying them to modern scenarios; so that we can best benefit from the knowledge that we’ve learnt.

Pamela Ming – Botanist Extraordinaire, China

avd-1Growing up in the slums of Beijing, unlike her colleagues at AVD, Pamela was not given a head start in her Education.

Her Father, a tireless rickshaw driver worked relentlessly in order to provide for his wife and child, successfully raising enough money to support Pamela through School. Succeeding where many of her class mates could not, Pamela was soon picked out as a gifted student, her passion for science was soon sparked which led to her gaining a scholarship to the local University.

Spending the first 3 years of her degree studying Plant Mechanics, Pamela’s work soon gained the attention of the professors at the Academy of Science in Hong Kong. Upon graduating with First-Class Honours, she was offered a job with the Academy, as well as Hong Kong citizenship. Her work at AVD mostly consists of organising and devising upcoming projects, pushing the boundaries of Botany.

Jason Olsen РResearch Specialist, Norway

Jason’s education in plant life started in his youth.

Spent skating the frozen ice lakes of Norway, he was fascinated as to how life survived in the coldest of conditions. Exploring the forests and tundra of his native country, he marvelled at the variety and resilience of the natural world that surrounded him. His parents, however, did not share his passion for nature. They wanted him to follow in the family business and become a lawyer. A dutiful son, young Jason followed his parents wishes to the letter, leaving home to study Law at Oslo.

After spending 3 years as a trained Norwegian Lawyer, Jason finally found the courage to tell his parents of his true wishes. They were heartbroken, but did not like the idea of him being miserable in his occupation. Taking the money he had saved from his time in Law, Jason returned to Oslo, this time to study Bio-Medical Science and the rest is history.

Nastiya Andresyuk РDNA Analyst, Ukraine

avd-3Escaping the bloody civil war that raged through her home country during the mid-80s, Nastiya was separated from her family at a young age.

Taken on by a kindly headmistress from a British boarding school, she grew up with an education that she would never been able to afford as she remained in Ukraine. Doubling down on her misfortune, she applied herself to the Sciences, taking a special interest in Chemistry and Biology. After successfully gaining access to study at Cambridge University, she was granted her British Citizenship.

Having worked for several large-scale multi-nationals, Nastiya decided to move away from commercial clients, to focus on more experimental projects. Her skills developed in Cambridge made her an ideal choice for a AVD’s Analytics department.